3 Reasons Your Warehouse Team Needs Dangerous Goods Training

28 December 2017
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog


If you are a warehouse owner or manager, then you know the importance of training for various goods and shipping. One of the areas of training that is overlooked, however, is dangerous goods training. The reason this is overlooked so often is because some warehouse owners and managers may believe that if dangerous goods have not come through the warehouse before, the will likely not in the future as well. Here are three reasons that you should consider dangerous goods training for your warehouse team and what to know about each reason.

Change of Company Needs

One of the reasons you need to have your warehouse team trained in dangerous goods is because the main company using the warehouse services may change. For example, you may have a time where your warehouse handles goods for multiple companies. At some point you may lose a company from your list or a company may change their business operations to include dangerous goods. If your warehouse team is not trained, you may have to turn down clients, work, or full contracts. This could cost your company a great deal more than it would pay out in training.

Label Changes from Agencies

There are times when organizations governing food, materials, or medications may change what is considered to be a dangerous good. For example, your warehouse may be transporting an item that has been considered normal. At some point a governing agency may decide that a chemical used in the item, or the item itself, should be considered hazardous. A prime example is asbestos.

For years it was listed as a normal material that could be contained in building materials such as shingles and home siding. It was later updated to a hazardous material that subsequently received the dangerous goods label. If your warehouse employees do not have the proper training, they will have to rush to get it in order to make sure they meet qualifications to handle the materials or even store it.

Increased Contract Option

If you have an entire staff that is trained in dangerous goods and transporting of storing of those goods, then you can take on an increased amount of contracts. Because hazardous transport generally pays higher, you can also increase the pay of your employees and the profit margin of your warehouse business. If you have drivers, forklift operators, and warehouse workers that are trained in dangerous goods you can handle all aspects of the hazardous or dangerous goods haul which can also increase your contract options.

These are just three of the reasons your warehouse team needs dangerous goods training. Keep in mind training options are available that will work with your warehouse schedule. For example, you can get online training, weekend training, on-site training, and webinar training. Make sure to look into the various options that will work for your needs and your warehouse scheduling.