A Guide On Corporate Donation Oppportunities

7 December 2022
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Charities perform invaluable tasks that most institutions neglect or lack the power to conduct. These activities positively influence society, especially during emergencies. As a business, you can seek corporate donation opportunities to be part of the positive change. This piece discusses some valuable tips when looking for corporate donation opportunities. 

Local or international?

This issue is a common dilemma for most corporate donors. On the one hand, you may feel that local donations have an immediate impact which you can visualise in your community. Still, international charities reach different people and societies across the globe. Therefore, ensure you weigh your options and determine the ideal charity.

Your firm may want to resolve a crisis in the local community, such as a disease outbreak. Such an issue might prompt you to donate to a charity that caters to such an emergency. Alternatively, you may want to be part of a charity with an international outreach. Hence, the ultimate choice depends on the issue you want to resolve. 

Should you vet?

Charities owe donors a certain level of accountability. A charity should demonstrate its efficiency in deploying resources. For example, the charity should show results proportional to the amount they receive from donors. This process helps the charity attract more donors and assures corporate donors that their money is in good hands. Therefore, you should always vet charities before donating.

One of the easiest ways to vet a charity is to use an independent third-party firm. Some firms conduct research regarding the performance and financial health of charities. These firms combine the governance documents and tax filings of charities, creating independent and unbiased reports. Such reports quantify the excellent actions of a charity and help you decide which one to fund. 

Does the amount matter?

Should you still donate money at the end of the year even though you had a bad financial year? Well, not all charities require monetary donations. You can still prioritise the ones which offer your business and its employees the chance to contribute to its activities through other methods. Such charities figure out ways your firm can help reduce their expenditure. 

For example, a television or radio broadcaster can provide free air/screen time for a charity to broadcast an event. You can save the charity a lot of money and draw in more donors without making any financial donations. The business can also request workers to volunteer in different ways to help save the charity a lot of money. Hence, expand your scope beyond financial donations. 

Some critical decisions you should consider when looking for a corporate donation opportunity include outreach, vetting outcomes and alternative methods of contributing.  

For more info about corporate donation opportunities, contact a local organization.