How corporate sponsorship can boost your brand

13 June 2018
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog


Are you a business leader looking for new and innovative ways to promote your company? Finding ways to get your business in front of new people and to keep it at the front of the minds of your existing customers isn't always easy. Prolonged advertising campaigns are expensive and don't always achieve the results you desire, yet if you do nothing your customer base will soon be whittled away by your competitors. One method of promotion that has frequently shown positive results for businesses across a range of sectors is corporate sponsorship.

Here are three reasons why you should seek out corporate sponsorship opportunities for your business.

A place in the spotlight

Having your business name or logo prominently displayed on materials produced by a charity or literacy programme is a great way to secure long-term exposure for your company. Sponsorship is perceived differently from advertising, no longer is your business name appearing on television commercials, advertising hoardings, or newspaper adverts. Adverts tend to be screened out by the public who are used to them, and they frequently don't even notice them. With corporate sponsorship, your name appears in a professional setting, either alone or with a much smaller group of companies, most of whom will not even be your direct rivals.

Be seen by your target audience

Often getting adverts seen by their intended audience is hard work. You have to work to develop the advert and work to get it seen by people. With corporate sponsorship, all of that hard work is avoided. The charity you sponsor does all the hard work for you. They put your brand name directly in front of your customers in an eye-catching, non-'salesy' way. Corporate sponsorship is fantastic at helping to maintain your brand presence and ensuring that your customers always have your brand at the front of their mind.

Introduce your business to new customers

Not everyone who sees your name on the sponsored material is going to be familiar with your company. For those who know who you are, seeing your name is a good way of reminding them you exist. For those who don't know you, this acts as an introduction to your brand. Perhaps, they had never considered your product as something they could use, but now they have your name, they know what you do and you are on your way to earning a new customer.

Finding corporate sponsorship opportunities is a great way to grow your business. You can establish new relationships with potential customers who will see your business portrayed in a positive light and will remember your name when they are ready to buy.