The Top 6 Benefits of Learning to Swim

1 June 2021
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Some people have hydrophobia, which is the fear of water. Because of that, they dread going anywhere near a body of water. It's easy to pass this fear to your children or cause them not to have a swimming interest. However, there is so much to gain from swimming skills that you cannot afford to ignore. Read on to learn why you should consider swim classes. 1. Learn Swimming for Your Safety Read More 

How corporate sponsorship can boost your brand

13 June 2018
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Are you a business leader looking for new and innovative ways to promote your company? Finding ways to get your business in front of new people and to keep it at the front of the minds of your existing customers isn't always easy. Prolonged advertising campaigns are expensive and don't always achieve the results you desire, yet if you do nothing your customer base will soon be whittled away by your competitors. Read More 

Pre-School Activities for Children With Special Needs

22 January 2018
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For every child, with or without disability, preschool education at early learning centres like Hopskotch Kindergarten goes a long way in improving their cognitive capacity and abilities. It exposes a child to crucial skills that come in handy during later education. Children learn to stick to routines, follow instructions, and bond with their peers. There is so much fun when learning these skills, so they never get bored. The positive developmental changes your child experiences are worth the cost of preschool education. Read More 

Hitting the road in the right hands

3 January 2018
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Nothing sets you free like getting your license. Learning to drive can be a challenge you enjoy tackling... or it can be a major headache. It all comes down to choosing the right driving school. With a great driving instructor you'll face the trials of learning to drive with confidence and all the knowledge you need to pass that all-important test. So how do you choose between the many driving schools on offer? Read More 

3 Reasons Your Warehouse Team Needs Dangerous Goods Training

28 December 2017
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If you are a warehouse owner or manager, then you know the importance of training for various goods and shipping. One of the areas of training that is overlooked, however, is dangerous goods training. The reason this is overlooked so often is because some warehouse owners and managers may believe that if dangerous goods have not come through the warehouse before, the will likely not in the future as well. Here are three reasons that you should consider dangerous goods training for your warehouse team and what to know about each reason. Read More