3 Important Skills Taught At Confined Space Training

14 December 2017
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If you plan to work in certain industries, it is necessary to undergo confined space training. One example where this training is essential is in the mining sector where employees are often required to access enclosed areas in the course of their duties. This training enables workers to be able to adapt to confined conditions and equips them with the right skills required under these circumstances. Below are some of the crucial skills taught during the confined space training

How to respond in case of emergencies

Considering the working conditions in confined spaces, emergencies may arise and it is difficult to get assistance from other people. This is because the access to such areas is highly restricted. As such, your best chances of surviving is by learning how to deal with these emergencies. You will learn how to use fire extinguishers which will enable you to put out any fire that arises. This is important even if the fire is spreading since it can hold back the flames, therefore, giving you time to exit the particular area. You will also learn how to use breathing equipment when the air is no longer safe. During the training, you will be informed of the dangers of panicking during such situations since this can lead to fatal mistakes. The best approach is to quickly assess the danger and decide on the best course of action.

How to identify potential hazards

Identification of hazards will also contribute to your safety. Some of these risks include naked wires or smoke within the room. Once you detect any of these signs, you should suspend all operations, check the equipment for any warning signals and conduct a thorough visual check. You should not continue with normal activities until the source of the problem has been detected and the issue resolved.

How to safely enter and exit such spaces

The first step before one enters such confined spaces is to wear the right equipment. Always make sure you have the proper boots, helmets and clothing. You will then be taught the best way to safely enter into the confined space, although this varies depending on the particular industry. If you are working for a mining company, the space will most likely be below the ground surface. In this case, you will have to enter with your feet first. However, if you are working in the construction sector, the space might be several floors above the ground and you will have to enter with your head first. Follow the stipulated guidelines for your personal safety.